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Ian Farbon Garden Design


Day! You will find the latest information about us on this page. Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide wide range of services. Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone. If you want to contact us, please fill the contact form on our website. We wish you a...Good day! You will find the latest information about us on this page. Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide wide range of services. Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone. If you want to contact us, please fill the contact form on our website. We wish you...
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Welcome to Ian Farbon Garden Design.


I am an experienced garden designer working in and around Cambridgeshire, having qualified as a Garden Designer at Capel Manor in 2006 and reinforcing my knowledge with a Diploma in Landscape Architecture from Birmingham University in 2007. My first garden design was in Cambridge and much of my work is in Cambridge and the surrounding area. I moved out of the city to Spaldwick near Huntingdon and see projects coming in from Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire too.

I offer a full garden design service, from concept to Masterplan, planting to construction. I design gardens of all styles, contemporary courtyards to wide open rural landscapes. My garden designs are original and I take great care in designing ‘for’ my clients rather than dictate and this is reflected in how my designs are received.


I've been busy designing gardens for almost ten years now and felt it was time to ring in some changes, so out goes landscape:evolution (a brand that has served me well for those ten years) and in comes Ian Farbon Garden Design.  The quality and the enthusiasm for garden design remains the same - I thought I'd stop hiding my light under the bushel and start designing gardens as, well... Me.  It’s a confidence thing!

I take pride in my design process - perhaps my practical background in farming helps keep my feet on the ground - I think not only how a garden design sits on the page but also how my landscapers are going to build it. This makes the garden construction easier for them and the client (it can get very messy and muddy building a garden in the winter so a bit of good planning can go a long way!).   I endeavour to make the whole garden design project run smoothly - you can read about the ‘how’ (and how much) here .

Below are a few of the gardens I've designed - its amazing how the designs mount up. There are a wide range of styles so I have included an assortment showing the finished designs.




Contemporary Garden Design



Village Garden



Courtyard Side Garden



Village Garden



Town Garden



Riverside Garden

Hemingford Abbots


Courtyard Style Garden



Cottage Garden



Coastal Garden



Eco House

Coton Cambridge

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Show Garden


Chapel Garden



Contemporary Garden Design



New House Garden



Current Project

Design Process

Obviously, you’ve decided to look at doing ‘something’ with your garden or outdoor space. Perhaps you’ve just finished an extension or recently moved in or simply its time to fix the garden. I find that many of my clients are unsure about how to go about ‘doing up the garden’ - often they feel they don’t warrant a garden designer - the space isn’t big enough or that they make it look easy (and cheap) on the TV programmes! Invariably at the end of a project my clients are surprised how well my designs not just fit the space but meet their needs and expectations.

That makes me happy!


I make an initial visit to the client to discuss the project. This allows me to look at the garden, discuss the clients requirements and budget and then write a loose brief. From this I am able to draw up a fee proposal based on the size or complexity of the proposed project. So, now we come to the tricky bit of the garden design process, the one that you either don’t talk about or at least whisper  quietly in a darkened room. How much. Well my designs - concept to Masterplan (‘the’ garden design) start at £1000 plus vat. So, I’ve said it..  Planting plans are priced according to how large an area but from £250 plus vat.

And then there’s the budget for the build - this of course does start to reflect the size and complexity of the garden - the more ‘hard landscaping’ (walls, paving, lighting, etc) in the design the more it will cost - so it’s vital that the client has a budget in mind.  As a guide a construction would start start at around £10,000 plus vat but would usually be more in the region of £20,000 plus vat. Obviously a small garden design ‘could’ be done for less but I’m trying to give you an idea. 

Once the fee proposal is agreed I revisit the garden and develop the brief with the client - basically we chat through the project in much more detail and I undertake a comprehensive survey of the garden. The average garden I will survey by hand - large or complex spaces will require a CAD survey - a full electronic measure of the space. 

From the survey I start drawing ideas out and generally draw up two or three sketches of possible designs - one of which the client chooses as a ‘favourite’. This favourite is then evolved (back to my landscape:evolution branding) to a Masterplan - a full design drawing that can be used to produce a comprehensive construction quotation. I have my preferred landscapers and I always recommend them to my clients. I usually administer the project so that the client doesn’t have to worry - I am particular and ensure the construction is to my specifications. A one-stop-shop with the clients best interest at heart. 


Contact us

it would be great to design for you - just get in touch. 


Cottage Garden - Impington

Ian Farbon Garden Design

Courtyard style garden - Longstanton

Ian Farbon Garden Design

Contemporary Garden - Alconbury

Ian Farbon Garden Design

New House Garden - Cambridge

Ian Farbon Garden Design

Town Garden - Royston

Ian Farbon Garden Design

Chapel Garden - Huntingdon

Ian Farbon Garden Design

Coastal Garden - Brancaster

Ian Farbon Garden Design

Eco House - Coton

Ian Farbon Garden Design

Rural Garden - Bury St Edmunds

Ian Farbon Garden Design


Ian Farbon Garden Design

Contemporary Garden - Alconbury

Ian Farbon Garden Design

Side garden - Melbourn

Ian Farbon Garden Design

Contemporary Garden - Melbourn

Ian Farbon Garden Design

Village Garden - Brancaster

Ian Farbon Garden Design

Design to new extension - Hemingford Abbots

Ian Farbon Garden Design

Show Garden - Abbots Ripton Garden Show

Ian Farbon Garden Design

Tree Planting - Stonely

Ian Farbon Garden Design